Chinese Classes

Chinese classes are available Mondays through Thursdays after school at Chiao Hsin! Classes are from 3 PM to 5:30 PM with the first hour being a group teaching session and the second hour as a review and individualized lessons. Our classes teach traditional Chinese Mandarin starting with basic Chinese phonics. Teachers also teach ping ying to reinforce correct pronunciations of the Chinese language.


beginning level

導師: 陳老師,何老師,鄭老師,曾老師,李老師

教材: 康軒手冊,華語開步走,自編教材,全新版華語第一冊


intermediate level

導師: 王美英老師,席老師,王愛玲老師,李芸珮老師

教材: 全新版華語第二冊,全新版華語第三冊,全新版華語第五冊


advance level


教材: 全新版華語第六七冊,中級華語,自編教材