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Let our tutors help your child on their English school homework! We are dedicated to helping your child understand their school material so they can meet school standards and correct mistakes on their homework.


friday elective classes

Music Class
Music Class teaches children rhythm and how to read music through various percussion and wind instruments.
K~8th Grade.

Calligraphy Class
Calligraphy Class teaches students the art of traditional Chinese calligraphy writing, honing their concentration, patience, and Chinese writing skills.
4th~8th Grade

Art Class
Students learn art techniques to create beautiful and unique pieces with different mediums. Classes are offered in various levels.
1st~8th Grade

Creative Writing Class
Creative Writing Class teaches and inspires children to write. Students will practice different types of writing and become strong independent writers.
3rd~8th Grade

Math Class
Math Class helps students understand grade level math concepts. Children review and practice math skills to meet school standards.
1st~8th Grade

Dance Class
Dance Class teaches choreographed dances to children friendly songs in Mandarin, promoting language learning through music.
K~8th Grade