Welcome to our family.


Entering into 2018 marked the 29th year of Chiao Hsin Chinese Language School. Having completed a successful 2017, we are excited for what 2018 will bring and we welcome our incoming students with excitement and vigor.

How often we hear the phrases like “Time is going by so quickly!”, “Your child is growing up so fast!”, “Our baby is going to be graduating college soon!” … “I thought they were still in high school!” To put it succinctly: “Time Flies.” Sometimes, I can hardly believe my eyes.  I feel like it was only yesterday that I was hanging up my three month calendar for the first months of 2018. Now, it is time to switch to the next three months.  

 At the 2017 Monterey Park Chinese New Year Festivities, we recruited more than 40 new students and kindergarteners. We were hardly expecting to recruit so many students. Total enrollment was fast approaching two hundred students. We quickly had to stop guaranteeing enrollment and institute a waiting list. To have such an expansion is both a blessing and a challenge. It is wonderful to have more families and students who want to join Chiao Hsin, but where are we going to find teachers and classroom space for all of these new students? These logistical problems were the source of great anxiety and worry, and for awhile, my heart sank. However, Chiao Hsin has always been very lucky and blessed. At around this time, our school was introduced to a Chinese teacher who was educated as a child in the United States. She immediately solved our teacher shortage. At the same time, a church down the street from the school had classroom space available for rent. We were fortunate enough to rent three spacious classrooms from this church. 

In 2015, Chiao Hsin established a College Credit Class for our middle school and high school students, and this program is already in its fourth year. In 2016 and 2017, our classes took their learning abroad to Taiwan. This initiative was not without many difficulties and obstacles. But, with the support of the Chiao Hsin PTA, twenty-seven students have gone to study at Taiwan’s Shih Hsin University to great success. The results of their learning have returned home with them, and it is amazing to see how total immersion improves their Chinese. 

There is a Chinese proverb: “It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to cultivate the people.” At Chiao Hsin, we not only wish to instill a love of Chinese language and culture, but also teach integrity and good moral character. Our teachers do not only teach Chinese culture, they also teach students how to live. We teach children to be honest, be courageous in admitting mistakes, to have compassion, to have many friends, and to be good friends. By working together with parents and families, we can raise children of great talent and character. 

I truly believe education is a century long plan, and it is the most important calling. “It is my belief that we should never give up on our children.” The teachers continue their work silently. We are thankful for the support and encouragement of Chiao Hsin parents, and we look forward to even more support. Let us join hearts and hands and take steps towards a better and brighter tomorrow. 

進入了2018年, 我們 [僑心國語學校] 也走進了第29年,現在已經是2018年了。送走了豐碩圓滿的2017年, 又迎來的是朝氣蓬勃丶青春有力的2018春季班。

我們常常聽到的一句話就是”時間過的好快呀!  “怎麼一下子孩子就長這麼高了”,”老師,我們家的寶貝今年就要大學畢業了!”,我立即就回應了一句”他不是還在上高中嗎?” 這就是應了這一句俗語<時光飛逝>,時間真想飛的一樣稍縱即逝。有的時候我真的不敢相信我自己的眼睛,記得不久之前才把三個月的月曆掛在我的窗前,那好像是我昨天才掛上去的,怎麼今天又換上了新的三個月月曆。

2017年園遊會, 我們招收了四十多位幼稚園和一年級的小朋友,我們在在都沒有想到一進來就是四十多位新的小朋友, 把我們全校的總人數一下子就提到了兩百位,在不得已的情況下我們停止了招生, 把後來的小朋友放到了等待的名單(waiting list) 中。我們既是心喜又是惶恐, 心喜的是家長對[僑心]的信任和支持, 而惶恐則是我們的擔子更重了。對多出來的這些孩子, 老師哪裡找?而教室又在哪裡? 這一連串的問題縈繞在我腦海中, 而又在此時我們曾經使用過的學校來函通知我們, 從2017年的秋季班就不能再使用, 這一連串的問題縈繞在我腦海中, 我的心情一時跌落到底谷。您知道嗎? [僑心]一直是被祝福的一所學校, 就在我躊躇不知該如何去應對這些問題的時候, 我們學校就來了一位在美國受幼兒教育的老師來到我們當中,立時就解決了我們的師資問題, 在此同時, 學校隔壁的教堂更為我們開放了三間教室, 寬大的教室加上視訊的設備, 讓我們全校的老師和同學都振奮不已。

[ 僑心 ] 自2015年起成立了[ 大學學分班 ],到2018年已經是第四個年頭了。大學學分班 在2016及2017年有了一個新的創舉,那就是我們學分班的學生真正的走出去了。我們衝破了許多困難和障礙, 在「家長委員會」的全力支持下, 共有二十七個孩子先後出國到台灣的[ 世界新聞大學 ]研習中文, 並且他/她們也歡歡喜喜的帶著豐碩的成果回到了家園。

[僑心] 的教育宗旨是本著「 十年樹木,百年樹人」的精神, 教導中國語文, 並且極力灌輸中華文化及固有美徳,以至培養學生建立優良之品德。老師們不但教授中國文字丶文化,更教導丶灌輸 孩子們應有的美德。我們教導孩子們要誠實,要勇於認錯,要富有同情心, 鼓勵孩子多交朋友, 並且讓他們學習如何和朋友融洽相處....等等,當然這些都還需要父母親和老師們一起合作, 才能夠培養出一個有好性格的好孩子。

我自己堅決相信, 教育為百年大計, 也是影響最深的一個事業 。“ 對孩子永遠不失望丶不放棄”是我的信念。老師們默默耕耘, 當然我們更期待著家長們給我們永不止息的鼓勵和扶持, 讓我們一起手攜手, 邁開大步一起向前走! 為「僑心」創造一個更美好丶更燦爛的明天!